Alliance-Donor Reference Group

At the Executive Council Meeting in June, the Alliance was given the 'green light' on proceeding with building the Consortium. At the ExCo Meeting members gave feedback and comments on the draft Consortium consititution presented by the Alliance. The comments received from ExCo are being taken on board and a Reference Group from the Alliance and for the donors are working together to prepare the penultimate draft constitution that will be reviewed by the full Alliance at their meeting in October (29-31) and at ExCo meeting (November 3-4).
Members of this Alliance Board-Alliance Executive Reference Group are:

From the Alliance:
    Beth Woods (IRRI Board),
    Uwe Verblow (ILRI Board),
    Nigel Poole (ICRISAT Board)
    Gordon McNeill (CIAT Board)
    Emile Frison (Bioversity DG)
    Steve Hall (WorldFish DG and Chair of the Consortium Planning Team)

Additional resource person Andrea Stumpf (World Bank)

From the donors:
    Ian Kershaw, Simon Hearn (Australia) 
    Ruth Haug (Norway)
    Catherine Coleman (Canada)