Strategy and Results Framework team

An essential part of the current reform is the re-designing of the overall research for development agenda of the CGIAR system. The Alliance is responsible for developing a high level Strategy (also refered to as the Strategy and Results Framework) that provides the overarching frame within which the Consortium’s portfolio of Mega Programs (MP) is nested.
The Consortium Planning Team nominated and the Alliance agreed that Joachim von Braun would Chair the Strategy team. Potential members of the team were nominated by the Alliance membership, were shortlisted by the Chair and voted upon by the Alliance.
The Strategy team agreed upon by the Alliance is composed of the following members:
  • Joachim von Braun (CHAIR) 
  • Colin Chartres (IWMI)
  • Thomas Lumpkin (CIMMYT)
  • Derek Byerlee (Science Council)
  • Jeff Wagge
  • Norah Olembo
This team composition covers various technical backgrounds (i) ecology/policy; (ii) agronomy; (iii) genetic resource; (iv) ecology/ecosystem approaches/natural resources management; is balanced and diverse and brings together people with strong strategic thinking skills.
The Alliance presented a draft of this Strategy, as work in progress, at the June CGIAR Executive Council meeting, and will provide a full draft at the CGIAR Business Meeting (December 7-8). The draft Strategy, including the description of the Consortium’s portfolio of Mega Programs, will then be presented in more details at the Global Conference organised by GFAR in late March 2010 to receive the final inputs and reactions of a very large range of stakeholders. The finalisation of the Strategy will take place by the Funders Forum following the GCARD meeting.
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