Consortium Board Search and Selection Committee

A process for the search and selection of the Consortium Board was agreed upon by the Alliance and subsequently approved by ExCo and by the Change Steering Team last year and presented to the CGIAR Annual General Meeting 2008. This process requires that a tripartite Search and Selection Committee (SSC) comprised of four members selected by the Alliance; two members selected by GFAR, and two member selected by the donors be set up.
This committee has now been formed and includes Andrew Bennett (Alliance), Julio Berdeque (Alliance), Margaret Catley-Carlson (Alliance), Pierre Fabre (donor representative), Marco Ferroni (donor representative), Emmy Simmons (Alliance). The GFAR representatives are Dr Ayman Abou Habib, President, Agricultural Research Center (ARC), Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Giza ­ Egypt (nominated by national agricultural research systems of the Near-East North Africa region through AARINENA) and Dr Mario Allegri, FORAGRO Chair and National Director of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), Uruguay (nominated by national agricultural research systems of the Latin America-Caribbean region through FORAGRO). Julio Berdeque is the Chair of the Committee

The Search and Selection Committee is supported by Spencer Stuart, an executive search firm. 

The Search and Selection Committee initiated a call for nominations, which was be handled by Spencer Stuart, in August 2009. The call for nominations extended through to early October when the Committee interviewed a short list of candidates and then discuss this with the full Alliance at their 29-31 October meeting. The intent is to have a Consortium Board identified by the time of the CGIAR Business Meeting in December and operational in early 2010.