Gender Integration

Because addressing gender issues in agriculture and nutrition is critical to improving productivity and reducing poverty, the CGIAR has made a commitment to integrate gender into all programs, including the Strategy and Results Framework (SRF), as part of the overall CGIAR change process.  To deliver on this, the CGIAR Annual General meeting (2008) asked the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to lead a study and consultative process to develop a plan for gender integration into the research and outreach work of the CGIAR, including identifying suitable accountability mechanisms, and to discuss the possibility of a Mega Program on gender. 

In response to this, IFPRI convened an electronic consultation with all CGIAR centers and representatives of key stakeholders.  The Participatory Research and Gender Analysis (PRGA) and the Gender and Diversity (G&D) programs contributed to the planning and synthesis, and the consultation was facilitated by Nancy White of FullCircle Associates.  Each center conducted an internal consultation on areas of success in addressing gender in their work, factors contributing to the success, and constraints or further needs.  These were then synthesized to launch an electronic consultation.  A total of 85 CGIAR center staff and 22 other stakeholders, including NARES, NGOs, donors, and representatives of farmers’ groups took part in the consultation.  The report from this consultation summarizes some of the key discussions, particularly related to lessons learned, the vision for the future, and what is needed to move forward.  The latter strategy includes accountability measures and support to deliver solid gender analysis and results.  
May 28, 2009, 2:48 AM