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Consortium Board Nominations - LAST CALL!!!

posted Oct 1, 2009, 9:21 AM by

In a few more days we will begin to close down the search for new candidates for the Consortium Board and the Search and Selection Committee will concentrate on screening the candidates and on composing the short lists.


The search firm has identified some gaps in the lists of candidates and we want to invite you to please suggest good names for specific groups of people as described below. Send the names of your candidates to the leaders of the search team at Spencer Stuart, Mr Andrea Pecchio and Mr. Herman Krommendam <>


In the search for good candidates for the Consortium Board, there have been a fine number of good candidates from Asia Pacific (including India and Australia), the USA and Africa. However, the search firm would like to see more qualified candidates from Canada, Europe, Latin America, China and Japan. We need your help to identify good candidates from these geographies. 


The Committee would also welcome more candidates from circles that are less close to the CGIAR, that is, from people who are not directly connected to international agricultural research.


Please remember that we only have about 10 days to go before the search firm and the Search and Selection Committee start the process of reviewing and screening candidates to prepare the short lists. So we need you to act now. As a reminder, the people we are looking for people that fit these skills and qualifications: