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Design and Establishment of the Consortium of CGIAR Centers - Final Report

posted Oct 22, 2009, 6:28 AM by
The Boston Consulting Group have been working with the Alliance since the beginning of the year in developing the founding documents and recommendations on the design of a Consortium Office that will support the Consortium Board in fulfilling its mandate as part of the new CGIAR. Their final report provides their perspective  on two other important aspects of the new Consoritum - the key elements of a new performance management process overseen by the Consortium CEO and Board, and criteria for determining the appropriate location for the new Consortium Office. BCG have also provided an estimate of the costs of the Consortium Office and Board under a variety of scenarios, and of the net cost impct of the system-level functions in the new CGIAR compared with those currently in place. A copy of their report and the draft constution being reviewed by the Alliance at their October 29-31 meeting are available at