Links to other information sources on the CGIAR Change Processes

Transition Management Team
At the Annual General Meeting in 2008, the CGIAR established a Transition Management Team to oversee the agreed revitialization of the CGIAR. led by Katherine Sierra, CGIAR Chair, members of the TMT include Stephen Hall (CGIAR Alliance Executive Chair; Director General, WorldFish Center), Mark Holderness (Executive Secretary, Global Forum for Agricultural Research), Jonathan Wadsworth (Senior Agriculture Research Advisor, Department for International Development, UK) and Ren Wang (CGIAR Director)

The transition management team provides regular updates of the progress of the reform. 

Embracing Change
"Embracing Change” is an electronic newsletter about the transition to a New CGIAR. Produced every six weeks, it provides information on progress in developing the key elements of the new CGIAR, notably the Fund, Consortium of CGIAR Centers, the Strategic Results Framework, Accountability and the Global Conference on Agriculture for Development.

The Change Management Blog.

This blog is about the change management initiative designed to introduce reforms to enhance the CGIAR’s effectiveness and efficiency. This blog is intended to open a dialogue engaging all stakeholders in this process.



Global Conference for Agriculture Research and Development (GCARD)

The GFAR Secretariat, have a dedicated space set aside for the GCARD ( On the GCARD web site, they have created an area where dossiers of documents ( can be accessed by all those who are interested. Stakeholder organizations, Institutes, Centres and others can contribute documents that can be put in the dossier. The documents or links to the documents may be sent to for the GFAR Secretariat’s consideration and further action.