Mega Program "mock up" team

The Alliance has agreed to develop three examples of Mega Programs, called ‘mock ups’, to illustrate what a Mega Program will look like, and to present the lessons learned from this exercise at the June CGIAR Executive Council meeting. The Consortium Planning Team developed Terms of Reference for the Mega Program 'mock ups' and recommended Center staff to make up the team that have been approved by the full Alliance.


Members of the Mega Program "mock up" team include:
  • John McDermott (ILRI), Alliance of Deputy Executive Chair, sub-Saharan Africa experience and ecosystem approaches (Chair of the team)
  • Hartmann (IITA)
  • David Governey (IFPRI, Deputy Director General Finance) knows the system very well and has worked for a number of Centers
  • Albin Hubscher (CIAT, Deputy Director General Finance) new to the system and has private sector experience
  • Charles Crissman (CIP): sub-Saharan Africa plus global experience, roots and tubers
  • Yemi Katerere (CIFOR): resilience of systems, sub-Saharan Africa experience
  • David Molden (IWMI): resilience of systems
  • Jonathan Crouch (CIMMYT): genetics, biotec, experience of large multi-institutional programmes
  • Jean-Marcel Ribaut (Generation Challenge Program), genetics, Challenge Program experience and drawing lessons from it
The team was asked to prepare a draft document describing the three ‘mock ups’ by April 24th, for circulation to the Alliance for initial comments; a consolidated version was discussed at the May meeting of the Alliance Board and Executive. The Alliance took note of the lessons learned from the developing the "mock ups" and have integrated this with the work being undertaken by the Strategy team. These lessons are also being shared at the June ExCo meeting.
The Terms of Refence for this team are attached below.
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Aug 13, 2009, 6:09 AM