Mega Program "Mock Ups" - Results of on-line consultation



The Alliance is pleased to share with you the results of a workshop held in Nairobi in April 2009 to advance our thinking on the design of Mega Programs. The results of this workshop were three Mega Program ‘mock ups’.  We must emphasize that no decisions have been made on the final portfolio of Mega Programs. This can only be done when there is an agreed Strategy and Result Framework and after an appropriate process of consultation with members and partners. 

What is presented in these documents are models developed  to explore what Mega Programs might be, what they might aim to do, how they might operate and what the business model for these might look like. Each ‘mock up’ represents a different type of possible Mega Program – thematic, sectoral, ecoregional. Preparing these 'mock ups' has allowed us to compare different types of Mega Programs, how they might work and if different types of Mega Programs would be managed differently.

The Alliance is clear that stakeholder consultation must be an integral to the process of further refinement of the Mega Programs and commits to this both within and in parallel to the GCARD consultation process. We are circulating these ‘mock-ups’ as the first steps in a wider consultation process on our current thinking on the design and evaluation of  the Strategy and Results Framework and Mega Programs.

The initial consultation on these 'mock up' Mega Programs has been forwarded to the "Strategy" team developing the Strategy and Results Framework and who are taking forward the further work on the Mega Programs. The analytical quantitative and qualitative work on the SRF and Mega Programs will occur over the May-July period and will be led by the Strategy Team in cooperation with CGIAR Centers and partners. Consultations with partners and stakeholders will take place in the June-August period culminating in a draft for even wider circulation and consultation post August.

More details on the consultation process and the opportunities for providing input and feedback will follow shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions or seek further information please don't hesitate to contact the Alliance Office (

Mega Program 'mock ups'

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