Reference Group for the draft Consortium constitution

After discussion at the Alliance Meeting in Rome in May 2009, the draft Consortium Constitution was presented to ExCo 16. ExCo requested various amendments to the draft Constitution. The Alliance will use an iterative process, approved by the CPT, for amending the draft Constitution and addressing ExCo’s comments. With the support of the consultant (Boston Consulting Group) drafts of these amendments has begun. Starting July 20, the draft amendments will be discussed, for feedback, with an Alliance reference group of Board Chairs and Directors General comprised of:

Steve Hall (Chair of the Consortium Planning Team and Director General of the WorldFish Center)
Beth Woods (IRRI Board),
Uwe Verblow (ILRI Board),
Nigel Poole (ICRISAT Board)
Gordon MacNeil (CIAT Board)
Emile Frisson (Bioversity Director General).

After feedback, amendments will be discussed with the donor reference group (Australia, Canada and Norway). This iterative process should lead to amendments satisfactory to the two reference groups by early September, for wider discussions by the full Alliance, and, we hope, full Alliance support of the version that will be presented at ExCo (November 2-3).

Note: The Alliance and the donor reference groups are not decision-making groups, nor are they negotiations groups. They are sounding boards